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Photographic equipment: digital camera external filters Guide

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White balance function leads to a lot of digital cameras offer camera mounted on the external color filters stalled. However, there are some filters still useful, but you should consider them revenue camera bag.

 1. UV mirror

 2. polarizer

 3. Gradient gray mirror

 The neutral gray mirror

"Golden Sunrise Redrock National Preserve" captured by nathan mccreery  

UV mirror

Now many shots have excellent UV coating, so then installed a UV mirror seems to be superfluous. However, these lenses still need some protection to avoid scratches, dust particles, water, branches and so on. Comparable price for a piece of filter interchangeable lens front lens group to be cheaper. Some people might say should not use expensive filters on expensive lenses, but the quality is now cheaper filters have very good, but the protective effect it played important than the loss of image quality.


 Designed circular polarizer is to deal with highlights and reflected light. They can make the sky bluer, the clouds whiter. Filter by turning the outer ring, you can adjust the effect of the polarizer. In order to maintain the visual effect of natural and should be used only half the effect. If you use too much contrast, the sky and clouds will be too large, so that the screen looks very fake. You can shoot repeatedly rotating polarizer, find the best location.

Polarizer is useful when shooting water, it can eliminate the reflective surface of the water, so that the screen Zhitou bottom. Polarizer best suited to use on a sunny day, when the sun at a 90 degree angle with the best. No matter how the camera shop salesman said, unless there is a non-metallic reflective surfaces, or a polarizer in cloudy weather is useless.

"Yosemite" captured by Tom Gibson Also pay attention to some things, the use of a polarizer can increase the light loss 0.75 level. Also in order to avoid the camera light meter error, be sure to use a circular polarizer, not a polarizer with a line. And in Photoshop can not "do" the circular polarizer effect. Post-processing can simulate some effect, but not eliminate specular highlights. Many professional photographers polarizer is considered one of the essential accessories.

Gradient gray mirror

Half gradient gray lens is transparent, the other half is the ND filter. Partially covered by gray mirror in the sky, you can balance the amount of high exposure light and dark areas. Gradient gray mirror is generally square, through an additional filter holder mounted on the front of the lens.

Gradient gray mirror has a different density or "class", and is a continuous gradient. This ensures that the filter effect will not be apparent in the photo. Gray gradient lens particularly suitable for landscape photography, especially the prospect of sky luminance difference is large.

Neutral gray mirror

Neutral gray mirror similar gradient gray mirror, just piece lenses are gray. They do not cause color cast or other effects, but will reduce the amount of exposure. If you shoot the water on a sunny day, because the environment is too bright and hard down the shutter speed to shoot the flow of water. Use neutral gray lens can reduce the shutter speed to achieve this goal. Neutral gray lens usually has two or three types.

"How Deep" captured by Tony Taffinder  

1. Most of filter effects can be simulated in Photoshop, but this is some of the advanced techniques and takes time. For simple change the color temperature of the filter, the use of "photo filter" layer can be achieved. To simulate the effect of a gradient gray mirror, in the pre-shooting must shoot twice with different exposures, and then synthesized in Photoshop. Remember excessive adjustment will reduce the quality.

2. Buy a filter, pay attention to the front of the lens filter inlet size label, usually in mm.

3. The old saying, "a sub-price goods" in the purchase of the filter as well. Expensive filters with better quality. When buying filters, coating or looking for a super coating filters. Circular filter it, Tiffin and relatively cheap Hoya filters, B + W and Heliopan better quality, but also more expensive. For Square Filter for, Singh-Ray, Hi-Tech, Lee has a good product. Of course, they all require a dedicated filter holder, so also pay attention to the size of the problem filter holder.

"Cape Lookout Dusk" captured by Thomas Matthew Way Despite Photoshop, but should still put some filters in the camera bag. They are ready to learn to use, your level of photography can be on a higher level.

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