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Extended Warranty Service

Extended Warranty Service


Q1: On December 1, 2013, Nikon has been registered as a "My DIGIPOD" member, you can automatically extend the one-year warranty period, this launch of the extended 2-year warranty is for what consideration?

A1: Seinjie has always adhered to the continuous improvement of the after-sales service system in mainland China. Sejie in this service again upgraded, aimed at providing users with better quality after-sales service.



Q2: Can the time calculation method of extending the 2-year warranty period be calculated on the basis of the extended 1-year warranty?

A2: The time calculation method of extending the 2-year warranty period is extended by 2 years on the basis of the original warranty period of the product.



Q3: When will this extension service last?

A3: There is no set deadline.



Q4: Is this extended service also being carried out in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas regions?

A4: This extension service is limited to the company to provide regular products sold in mainland China.



Q5: Is the purchase time based on the time of invoicing?

A5: The purchase time is based on the date of the invoice issued at the same time as the purchase machine.



Q6: What procedures do I need to go through during the extension period?

A6: Please go to the after-sales service center and special repair shop, show the purchase invoice and warranty card, and inform yourself of the "my terminal user registration area" login information. The repair center and the special repair shop will confirm the user's warranty qualification based on the user's purchase invoice, warranty card and login information in the "My Terminal User Registration Zone".



Q7: What channels and ways are the companies ready to inform consumers and users more effectively about the information of this extension service?

A7: The official website of the company, designated dealer stores, after-sales service center and special maintenance station, the wire image world and other settings to inform, prompt users to register.




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