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Quality Mission

"Service to customers and trust from customers"is our tenet of sevice."Rooted in honesty and oriented by people,we are serving the society."


Quality Principle

Carries out customer centered service and regards quality first,service first and cerdibilty first as its tenet.


Service Commitment

Considers quality first,service first and credibility first as its tenet and is eager to cooperate and build strategic partnership with customers to keep pace with times together.We always offer you the best products and srvice wholeheatedly.


Culture Concept

Mission: To create a win-win situation,is committed to building a stage for the mutual growth of as well as its staff,providing room for employess to realize their self value and dreams and eam fortune and social respect and letting all of us enjoy the success of our career and the happiness of work.



Employees are strategic partners of company.Advocates a loyal and cooperative spinit,emhasizes mutual effors for common business and endeavors to make millionaires and billionaires and to achieve together in the future.It will try its best to create value for its shar holders and clients.

Long-tem Goal---To forge an international business

Moral Value---Good faith, fairness,dedication and resistance to corruption.


Corporate Spirit

Sapience:One should be strict with oneself and lenient towards others and treat others as one would like to be treated.

Wisdom:Take a farsighted view with a down-to-earth spinit.Only through change,reverse thinking and boldess to innovation can chance be grasped and adversity turn into advantage.

Bravery:Think what others dare not think and do what others haven't done; dare to shulder responsibilities and correct mistakes.

Fortitude:Never giveup.Try all possible means to achieve the goal.Never find excuse but solution to the difficulty.


Business Philosophy

No culture,no marke;no talent,no drvelopment. Integrate culture with products,ceate a brand with quality products and win marke through nice brand; only along with the sustainable growth of personnel can the company be developed sustainably.

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